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How To Deal With The Waste Old Carton

How To Deal With The Waste Old Carton


Now many products are made of paper packaging materials. Adopted carton packing has both advantages and drawbacks. The main reason is that using the carton packaging its space larger, relatively hard material, reduce the damage of goods.

Some people in the run out of package products, will take out away but also because of its large area, when we run out of no place, but also occupies a place.

Therefore, how to treat the waste carton packaging is always a problem for everyone. We also believe that if the accumulation of too much, not only influences the traffic, but also affect the city appearance. So, in the next to the trash can often see discarded cartons.

Carton factory found with the popular concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, and now many people will put the waste packaging carton several together, then on sold to recyclers, two processing of materials.

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